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Key Terms

11.1 Voting Methods

  • majority
  • plurality
  • runoff election
  • runoff voting system
  • two-round system
  • Hare Method
  • preference ranking
  • ranked ballot
  • ranked-choice voting (RCV)
  • instant runoff voting (IRV)
  • Borda count method
  • Borda score
  • Compromise candidate
  • divisive candidate
  • pairwise comparison method
  • Condorcet voting methods
  • Condorcet candidate
  • approval voting system
  • approval voting ballot
  • spoiler

11.2 Fairness in Voting Methods

  • majority criterion
  • tyranny of the majority
  • Condorcet criterion
  • Condorcet method
  • monotonicity criterion
  • up-rank
  • down-rank
  • independence of irrelevant alternatives criterion (IIA)
  • Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem
  • cardinal voting system

11.3 Standard Divisors, Standard Quotas, and the Apportionment Problem

  • apportion
  • apportionment problem
  • proportional
  • part-to-part ratio
  • representative democracies
  • standard divisor
  • states
  • seats
  • house size
  • state population
  • total population
  • standard quota

11.4 Apportionment Methods

  • apportionment problem
  • lower quota
  • upper quota

11.5 Fairness in Apportionment Methods

  • apportionment paradox
  • Alabama paradox
  • reapportionment
  • population growth rate
  • population paradox
  • new-state paradox
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