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Concepts of Biology

Critical Thinking Questions

Concepts of BiologyCritical Thinking Questions


Does physical exercise to increase muscle mass involve anabolic and/or catabolic processes? Give evidence for your answer.


Explain in your own terms the difference between a spontaneous reaction and one that occurs instantaneously, and what causes this difference.


With regard to enzymes, why are vitamins and minerals necessary for good health? Give examples.


Both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms carry out some form of glycolysis. How does that fact support or not support the assertion that glycolysis is one of the oldest metabolic pathways?


We inhale oxygen when we breathe and exhale carbon dioxide. What is the oxygen used for and where does the carbon dioxide come from?


When muscle cells run out of oxygen, what happens to the potential for energy extraction from sugars and what pathways do the cell use?


Would you describe metabolic pathways as inherently wasteful or inherently economical, and why?

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