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Clinical Nursing Skills

What Should the Nurse Do?

Clinical Nursing SkillsWhat Should the Nurse Do?

What Should the Nurse Do?

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Francine, a new graduate nurse, was offered a full-time position on the dialysis floor of an acute care hospital. The new hire process includes a six-week training program that allows the new hire to observe and work closely with a seasoned employee. On Francine’s first shift, she realizes that she has been assigned to shadow Muhammad. Muhammad has been an employee for over ten years and was awarded Nurse of the Year two years ago. Francine notices that with each patient interaction, he educates the patient on both conventional Western medical treatments and traditional healing remedies. Francine is very confused; she thought that Western medicine was superior to that of traditional healing practices. She decides to confront Muhammad. If you were Muhammad, how would you explain to Francine that her thought process is impacting diversity and inclusion?
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The nurse is assigned to care for a patient whose background differs from their own and wants to make sure to identify factors that can prevent diversity and inclusion when assessing the needs for this patient and family. What factors should the nurse consider?
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A new graduate nurse takes a job with a travel company and for the first time leaves her southern state. She is stationed in an area that primarily serves a Jewish-based population. She has never cared for this population but wants to learn as much as possible while on this assignment. After analyzing content from this chapter, apply some factors that can prevent the nurse from achieving diversity and inclusion in her new setting. How would the nurse achieve incorporating these factors?

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