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Clinical Nursing Skills

Competency-Based Assessments

Clinical Nursing SkillsCompetency-Based Assessments

Competency-Based Assessments

1 .
Use various sources to research diverse cultural communities in your region. Note important cultural factors such as language, race/ethnicity, and religion. Discuss how these cultural factors might impact the abilities of these diverse communities to access health care.
2 .
Identify a diverse cultural event in your community in which you can actively participate, such as a meal, dance, or festival. Attend the event and write a journal entry about your experience. What did you learn about diversity at this event? Did it help you to identify any implicit biases? What lessons will you take with you as you begin your nursing practice?
3 .
Have you ever experienced or witnessed an interaction where there was a lack of cultural competency? What factors caused the lack of cultural competency? Discuss how you can use your experiences to ensure better diversity and inclusion in nursing.
4 .
Develop a fifteen-minute presentation on an alternative or complementary therapy.

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