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Clinical Nursing Skills

Review Questions

Clinical Nursing SkillsReview Questions

Review Questions

1 .
Is this statement true or false? The EHR is meant to stay at a specific practice and not be shared among the healthcare team.
  1. True
  2. False
2 .
A nurse is documenting the care given to a patient who is being seen for recent high blood pressure readings at home. What information should be documented for an accurate health history?
  1. a higher blood pressure reading for the first-time patient
  2. patient probably does not know how to take a blood pressure
  3. nurse instructed patient to stop being so stressed, everything will work out
  4. patient’s arm circumference
3 .
Healthcare institutions are not required to obtain written consent to release personal health information in certain situations. Per HIPAA regulations, what is an example of one of those situations?
  1. A movie star is hospitalized, and their fans want to know the prognosis.
  2. A new variant of COVID is being reported, and a local nonprofit wants to track the outbreak to provide care packages to community members.
  3. Abuse of a child is suspected, and the police department and coroner have requested the health record.
  4. A man wants to verify no previous serious health conditions in his girlfriend’s health record before proposing for marriage.
4 .
A nurse gets a text message from a friend. The friend asks the nurse to verify if one of their children’s classmates has been admitted to the hospital. How should the nurse respond?
  1. “This really crosses the line; I could get fired for telling you. Do you want that on your conscience?”
  2. “I can send the requested healthcare information shortly.”
  3. “I am bound by HIPAA laws and not supposed to tell you who is or is not in the hospital receiving care.”
  4. “I am sure they will post on the public social media page, and you can confirm there.”
5 .
What document allows a patient’s medical wishes to be carried out when they can no longer answer for themselves.
  1. advance directive
  2. power of attorney
  3. beneficiary
  4. Patient Care Partnership
6 .
Is the following statement true or false? The patient’s understanding and perception of problems should be recorded while documenting data.
  1. True
  2. False
7 .
The nurse is attempting to educate a patient regarding a new diagnosis. The patient is playing games on their phone and appears uninterested in learning new knowledge at the moment. What action by the nurse promotes positive communication techniques?
  1. Ask the patient if they have a preference on what time you should come back to provide education.
  2. Tell the patient to put up their phone and pay attention.
  3. Ask the patient if there is someone else you can educate and then have them pass along the information later.
  4. Stand and display nonverbal gestures until the patient puts up their phone and begins to listen.
8 .
What type of data typically consist of the patient’s name, age, occupation, ethnicity, and support systems or resources?
  1. demographic
  2. past family
  3. past medical
  4. social media
9 .
What group of data can be identified as symptoms, or subjective data?
  1. respirations, blood pressure, temperature
  2. oxygen level, pain level, red blood cell count
  3. itching, dizziness, chest pain
  4. skin turgor, peripheral pulses, breath sounds
10 .
A nurse is working as part of a team that has been asked to address the issue of confidentiality and documentation of health information electronically. Which activity would the nurse suggest ensuring confidentiality?
  1. promoting the sharing of printers among several units
  2. allowing confidential emails to be sent via a public network
  3. ensuring each person responsible for documenting in the EHR does not share their password
  4. placing computer screens where all patients can view while waiting to be seen
11 .
A nurse is using video communication with the specialty physician involved in the care of her primary care clinic. According to the five pillars for meaningful use, which pillar does the nurse’s action represent?
  1. Coordination of Care
  2. Engage Patients and Family
  3. Ensure Privacy and Security
  4. Improve Population Health

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