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anticholinergic spray
a medication that blocks the activity of acetylcholine and is used to treat symptoms of a runny nose
the outer projection, earlobe-shaped portion of the ear
a medication that relaxes the muscles in the lungs and widens the airway
a medicine that reduces inflammation and prevents flare-ups of respiratory conditions
a semisolid emulsion containing a suspended or dissolved medication
a medication that provides short-term relief of nasal congestion
dornase alfa (Pulmozyme)
an inhaled medication consisting of a synthetic protein that breaks down excess DNA in the pulmonary secretions of people with cystic fibrosis
dry powder inhaler (DPI)
a device that delivers dry powder medications that are inhaled through a the mouth and into the lungs
ear drops
liquid solutions injected into the ear canal
ear irrigation
the washing out of the ear with a continuous flow of liquid or medication
a liquid solution placed in a disposable plastic squeeze bottle and then instilled into the rectum, or the solution is placed in a bag connected to tubing that is inserted in the rectum and instilled by gravity
eye drops
liquid solutions intended for use in the eye
eye irrigation
the washing out of the eye with a continuous flow of liquid or medication
eye medication disk
a small, flexible disk placed horizontally in the conjunctival sac that can release medication in the eye for up to one week
eye ointment
a greasy semisolid that uses body warmth to melt into tiny drops that rest between the eyeball and eyelid
a liquid medication dispersed in gas that results in a light, frothy substance
hand atomizer (also, inhaler)
a pocket-sized device that delivers medications into the lungs without the use of electricity
inner canthus
the corner of the eye nearest the nose where the upper and lower eyelids meet
mast cell inhibitor
a medication that relieves allergy symptoms by stabilizing mast cells, which inhibits histamine release
medicated ear wick
a small cellulose wick placed in the ear canal, with the outer portion of the wick visible at the entrance of the ear canal; medication is then applied to the end of the wick, dispersing the medication throughout the ear
metered-dose inhaler
(MDI) a device that creates an aerosolized mist of medication that is inhaled through the mouth and into the lungs
relating to the nose or nostrils
nasal wash
(i.e., nasal irrigation) a method that helps clean mucus, allergens, irritants, bacteria, and viruses from the nose
a small electric or battery-powered machine that delivers a fine mist of liquid medications
relating to the eye
opioid antagonist
a medication used to treat opioid overdose and reverse respiratory depression associated with opioid use
relating to or located near the ear
a tool that shines light into the ear to visualize the ear canal
outer canthus
the corner of the eye nearest the ear where the upper and lower eyelids meet
relating to or affecting the rectum
Sims position
a posture where the patient is positioned on their left side with the upper leg flexed over the lower leg toward the waist
soft-mist inhaler
a handheld device that turns liquid medications into a mist cloud that can then be inhaled without a propellant
a clear tube that fits between the inhaler and the mouthpiece, allowing the medication to move into the spacer for the patient to inhale more slowly and with control
a solid medication that melts inside the body and is absorbed into the bloodstream
the small piece of thick, skin-covered cartilage in front of the meatus of the external ear immediately in front of the ear canal
relating to or affecting the vagina

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