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Business Ethics

Assessment Questions

Business EthicsAssessment Questions


How often should managers in a workplace anticipate an inspection from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration?

  1. every day
  2. once a month
  3. upon request or complaint
  4. never

True or false? Sexual harassment is unethical but not illegal.


What are examples of benefits or perks that women usually value more than men?


What can a company do to try to reduce sexual harassment?


According to data presented in the chapter, about how much do women earn in comparison with men doing the same job?

  1. a lot less (about 40%–50%)
  2. somewhat less (about 70%–80%)
  3. almost the same (95%)
  4. about the same (100%)

True or false? Minimum wages are established by federal law only.


True or false? Minimum wages have at least kept pace with the cost of living, because of the automatic cost-of-living adjustment clause in the law.


Why have some states raised minimum wages above the federal minimum?


What are some of the reasons that have contributed to women making less than men in similar jobs?


In the United States, CEO pay is on average ________ times as high as the pay of the average worker in the same company.

  1. 30
  2. 50
  3. 100
  4. 300

True or false: U.S. union membership today is at the lowest level since the 1950s.


True or false: The right to work without joining a union is controlled by federal law.


Why is union membership at an all-time low?


How does executive pay in the United States compare to that in other countries?


True or false? Advance permission from employees is required before they can be electronically monitored under federal law.


True or false? Workplace drug testing is completely prohibited in some states.


Why would a company want to monitor Internet use at work?


What are the two major exceptions to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act that weaken its protections of employee privacy rights?


Should drug testing of employees be allowed?

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