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American Government 2e

Review Questions

American Government 2eReview Questions


Which of the following is not an example of a public policy outcome?

  1. the creation of a program to combat drug trafficking
  2. the passage of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
  3. the passage of tax cuts during the George W. Bush administration
  4. none of the above; all are public policy outcomes

Public policy ________.

  1. is more of a theory than a reality
  2. is typically made by one branch of government acting alone
  3. requires multiple actors and branches to carry out
  4. focuses on only a few special individuals

What are some of the challenges to getting a new public policy considered and passed as law?


Toll goods differ from public goods in that ________.

  1. they provide special access to some and not all
  2. they require the payment of a fee up front
  3. they provide a service for only the wealthy
  4. they are free and available to all

Which type of policy directly benefits the most citizens?

  1. regulatory policy
  2. distributive policy
  3. redistributive policy
  4. self-regulatory policy

Of the types of goods introduced in this section, which do you feel is the most important to the public generally and why? Which public policies are most important and why?


Social Security and Medicare are notable for their assistance to which group?

  1. the poor
  2. young families starting out
  3. those in urban areas
  4. the elderly

Setting aside Social Security and Medicare, other entitlement programs in the U.S. government ________.

  1. constitute over half the budget
  2. constitute well under one-quarter of the budget
  3. are paid for by the states with no cost to the Federal government
  4. none of the above

What societal ills are social welfare programs designed to address?


Which stage of the public policy process includes identification of problems in need of fixing?

  1. agenda setting
  2. enactment
  3. implementation
  4. evaluation

Policy analysts seek ________.

  1. evidence
  2. their chosen outputs
  3. influence
  4. money

In the implementation phase of the policy process, is it better to use a top-down approach or a bottom-up approach on Federal policies? Why?


A deficit is ________.

  1. the overall amount owed by government for past borrowing
  2. the annual budget shortfall between revenues and expenditures
  3. the cancellation of an entitlement program
  4. all the above

Entitlement (or mandatory) spending is ________.

  1. formula-based spending that goes to individual citizens
  2. a program of contracts to aerospace companies
  3. focused on children
  4. concentrated on education

When times are tough economically, what can the government do to get the economy moving again?

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