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American Government 2e

Critical Thinking Questions

American Government 2eCritical Thinking Questions


What might indicate that a government is passing the policies the country needs?


If you had to define the poverty line, what would you expect people to be able to afford just above that line? For those below that line, what programs should the government offer to improve quality of life?


What is the proper role of the government in regulating the private sector so people are protected from unfair or dangerous business practices? Why?


Is it realistic to expect the U.S. government to balance its budget? Why or why not?


What in your view is the most important policy issue facing the United States? Why is it important and which specific problems need to be solved?


What are some suggested solutions to the anticipated Social Security shortfall? Why haven’t these solutions tended to gain support?


Whose role is more important in a democracy, the policy advocate’s or the policy analyst’s? Why?


Which stage of the policy progress is the most important and why?

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