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World History Volume 2, from 1400

Check Your Understanding Questions

World History Volume 2, from 1400Check Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .
How did geography contribute to the wealth of the Sultanate of Gujarat?
2 .
What actions of Aurangzeb may have led Hindus to support the Marathas instead of the Mughal Empire?
3 .
How did internal conflict help Europeans to gain control of Ceylon?
4 .
How did the geographic location of the Malaccan Sultanate contribute to its prosperity?
5 .
What effect did the Portuguese attack on Malacca have on trade?
6 .
How did the wreck of the San Felipe affect Japanese attitudes toward Christians?
7 .
What did the samurai Tokugawa Ieyasu do to protect Japan from the effects of what he considered dangerous foreign ideas?
8 .
How did foreign trade affect the Chinese economy during the Ming dynasty China?
9 .
During the reign of Hongwu, how did the Ming dynasty try to prevent foreign trade?
10 .
What was the difference between the Ming dynasty’s interactions with Asian lands that bordered China and its interactions with other countries?
11 .
What scientific and technological advances were made in Korea during the fifteenth century?
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