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Atlantic Charter
a statement of British and U.S. goals and objectives for the world after World War II; negotiated by British prime minister Winston Churchill and U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt
the first programmable electronic digital computer, built by the United States during World War II
Executive Order 9066
a presidential order that led to relocation and internment of more than 100,000 Japanese Americans during the war
Final Solution
the Nazi plan to eliminate the Jewish population of Europe; developed by senior bureaucrats at the Wannsee Conference
German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact
a 1939 agreement between Germany and the USSR in which the two nations agreed not to attack one another or to assist other nations in attacking the other and to divide portions of eastern Europe between them
the Nazi genocide that resulted in the murder of more than six million Jewish people and at least three million members of other, non-Jewish minority groups
a German term meaning “living room” and referring to lands seized from countries in eastern Europe in which Adolf Hitler envisioned settling German families to supplant the native Slavic populations
Lend-Lease Act
U.S. legislation enacted to provide military assistance to nations important to its defense
Manhattan Project
the U.S. project to build an atomic bomb
Munich Pact
an agreement reached in 1938 in which Czechoslovakia granted territorial concessions to Germany, Poland, and Hungary in the hopes that Adolf Hitler would cease his aggressions
Nuremberg Laws
a series of laws promulgated in Germany in 1935, institutionalizing Nazi racial theories and discrimination against Jewish people
Nuremberg Trials
the formal postwar prosecution of German war crimes
Percentages Agreement
the agreement between Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin about how to divide political influence in Eastern Europe after the war
Trinity Test
the first successful U.S. test of an atomic bomb
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