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the nations that united to oppose Germany and Austria-Hungary, originally, Russia, France, and Britain
a cease-fire agreement
Balkan League
an alliance created in 1912 by Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Serbia against the Ottoman Empire
a radical majority faction of Russia’s Social Democratic Party led by Vladimir Lenin
Central powers
a World War I coalition that included the Austro-Hungarian, German, and Ottoman Empires
Easter Rising
the 1916 rebellion of Irish Nationalists against the British in Dublin
Espionage Act
a 1917 act passed in the United States that made anti-war propaganda illegal
Schlieffen Plan
a German war plan to sweep through Belgium and northern France before turning to Russia
Sedition Act
a 1918 act passed in the United States that forbade forms of speech considered disloyal to the war effort
Sykes-Picot Agreement
a secret agreement reached between France and Britain in 1916 to partition areas of the Middle East after the war
total war
a war fought using all available resources, with no restrictions on weapons or their targets
Triple Alliance
a treaty of alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
Triple Entente
a treaty of alliance between France, Russia, and Britain
German submarines equipped with torpedoes that sank thousands of pounds of cargo over the course of World War I
War Industries Board (WIB)
a U.S. federal agency created in 1917 to control the economic and industrial output of factories in times of war
Women’s Land Army
a British program to help women ensure enough foodstuffs were produced on farms while men served in the military
Zimmermann Telegram
a 1917 telegram sent by Germany’s foreign minister offering an alliance with Mexico in return for Mexico causing disturbances along its U.S. border
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