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Review Questions

1 .
What is an example of a primary source?
  1. a diary entry by a person who lived in the period under discussion
  2. a modern biography of a person in the period under discussion
  3. an account of a nineteenth-century battle in a twenty-first century textbook
  4. an article in an academic journal
2 .
Whom do the Chinese view as the father of history?
  1. Homer
  2. Santayana
  3. Herodotus
  4. Sima Qian
3 .
What interpretation of history assumes that history can be viewed primarily through the lives and choices of leaders?
  1. great man theory
  2. progressive interpretation
  3. gender interpretation
  4. Marxist interpretation
4 .
The belief that history is moved primarily by class struggle is the ______ of history.
  1. social interpretation theory
  2. revisionist view
  3. progressive interpretation
  4. Marxist interpretation
5 .
What is the most immediate motivator of a historical event?
  1. tertiary cause
  2. primary cause
  3. action of a great man
  4. social construct
6 .
Our perspectives are deeply rooted in _______, which we learn from our upbringing and environment.
  1. education
  2. social constructs
  3. historical empathy
  4. causation
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