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Babylonian exile
the deportation of Judeans to Babylon after the fall of Jerusalem
chattel slavery
a form of slavery in which one person is owned by another as a piece of property
the mass migration of Hebrews out of Egypt under the leadership of Moses
Hebrew Bible
the holy book that, according to Jewish tradition, tells the history of the Hebrew people
Iron Age
the period beginning around 1200 BCE when iron became the preferred material for manufacturing tools and weapons
Ramesside kings
the line of kings that ruled New Kingdom Egypt following the reign of Ramses I
one of twenty governing districts in Persia administered by royal governors called satraps, who answered directly to the king
vassal state
a state or kingdom that is nominally independent in the running of its internal affairs but must submit to the demands of a dominating empire and usually provide tribute to it
the religion of the ancient Persians, named for its founder Zarathustra, pronounced Zoroaster in Greek
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