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World History Volume 1, to 1500

Application and Reflection Questions

World History Volume 1, to 1500Application and Reflection Questions

Application and Reflection Questions

1 .
Of all the factors that brought about the administrative disintegration of the Roman West, which do you think was the most important? Why?
2 .
How did the spread of Christianity and its acceptance by emperors alter Roman society from what it was in earlier antiquity?
3 .
Should we continue to refer to the Byzantine Empire in this period as the Roman Empire? Why or why not?
4 .
What marked Zoroastrianism as unique among religious traditions in Late Antiquity?
5 .
How did religious beliefs serve as both unifying and divisive factors in Late Antiquity?
6 .
How did religious issues in Aksumite and Himyarite culture affect the development of these societies?
7 .
How were Aksum and Himyar affected by their relationships with the Byzantines and Sasanians, and what influence did each have on other states?
8 .
Do you think people were focused more on religion or on politics in Late Antiquity? Why?
9 .
Why did both the Sasanians and the Byzantines create alliances with Arab tribes in the fifth and sixth centuries CE?
10 .
In what way did outsiders to the former Roman Empire affect its successors?
11 .
What role did long-distance trade play in the development of the Palmyra, Kush, and Arab societies?
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