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Key Terms

cell reference
address of a cell relative to the other cells in a worksheet
conditional formatting
feature in Excel that analyzes the cell contents and applies certain preset designs or layouts based on the content
command that allows you to select two or more areas that are not contiguous
data analysis
scientific discipline that uses mathematical and statistical tools to measure trends
applying colors, font types, and borders to cells for styling purposes
mathematical operation that may use constants or cell references, or a combination of constants and cell references
freeze panes
fixing the headers on the screen while allowing users to scroll through the rest of the data
mathematical or analytical operation that uses words instead of mathematical operators
label added to tables at the top of the columns or to the left of the rows to make the data understandable
temporarily remove designated rows or columns from view
combine content from two or more cells
numeric data
information made of numerals that Excel reads like a calculator to perform mathematical equations
software application type that has rows and columns in a grid pattern where you can enter data to design tables and graphs and perform data analysis
text data
information made up of words, letters, numerals, or a combination
file that contains one or more worksheets
tab within a workbook where you can input data and design tables and graphs that use the data
Wrap Text
feature that arranges the text in a cell so that it extends onto another line and increases the height of the row

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