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Written Questions

30 .
Describe some key skills for presenting that apply regardless of the type of presentation you are giving.
31 .
Describe one of the ways you can engage your audience in your presentation.
32 .
Describe why it is important to have a strong closing presentation.
33 .
Why would you apply a theme to a presentation, and why might you want to modify it?
34 .
Discuss reasons why the options on the Review tab are useful.
35 .
Discuss how speaker’s notes are added to a slide. How can they be used in a presentation? What information would you include in the speaker’s notes?
36 .
What are some things you need to address regarding the hardware and environmental components of your presentation?
37 .
When preparing for a virtual/hybrid presentation versus a fully in-person presentation, what are some items to consider?
38 .
Discuss how to add transitions to all slides in a Google Slides file and how to change the timing of the transitions.
39 .
Discuss how to use the Q&A feature in a presentation.
40 .
Explain how to insert audio into a presentation.

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