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Review Questions

1 .
New Employee Orientation training is an example of which type of presentation?
  1. persuasive
  2. inspirational
  3. informational
  4. instructional
2 .
A ___________ is used to get the attention of the audience at the beginning of a presentation.
  1. hook
  2. welcome slide
  3. call to action
  4. long pause
3 .
A(n) ___________ tone of speaking is best during a presentation.
  1. excited
  2. conversational
  3. monotone
  4. soft
4 .
A __________ is one effective way to end a presentation.
  1. thank-you slide
  2. questions slide
  3. bullet summary list
  4. quote or story
5 .
What is the suggested maximum number of colors that should be included when creating a custom template for visual clarity?
  1. two
  2. three
  3. four
  4. five
6 .
Which tool is used to change the layout of an individual slide?
  1. Crop
  2. Designer
  3. Picture format
  4. Variants
7 .
To modify the shadow or line effects in a shape on a slide, where do you go?
  1. the Designer tab
  2. the Picture Format tab
  3. the Variants command group
  4. the Remove Background tool
8 .
The _________ describes the height and width of an image using preset values.
  1. cropping tool
  2. transparency
  3. effect
  4. aspect ratio
9 .
A split ____________ is one way to move from one slide to the next.
  1. animation
  2. transition
  3. comment
  4. Slide Master
10 .
The Rehearse with Coach tool is found on the __________ tab.
  1. Review
  2. Transitions
  3. Slide Show
  4. Slide Master
11 .
The __________ tab appears when you insert a video on a slide.
  1. Review
  2. Transitions
  3. Slide Show
  4. Playback
12 .
What is one essential thing to do during the room and technology setup before your presentation?
  1. Show up just as the presentation starts.
  2. Try out all the technology you will be using.
  3. Save your presentation to your hard drive.
  4. Make sure you always have two monitors.
13 .
What is one strategy that will help keep virtual participants engaged during a presentation?
  1. Turn off the cameras of virtual participants.
  2. Don’t use the chat feature.
  3. Use breakout rooms.
  4. Show virtual participants only to the speaker.
14 .
In Google Slides, slide transitions are found on the __________.
  1. Tools menu
  2. Insert menu
  3. action bar
  4. Format options pane
15 .
To add comments to a slide, go to the __________.
  1. Tools menu
  2. Insert menu
  3. Slide menu
  4. Arrange menu
16 .
Which feature can you use to interact directly with the audience in real time during a presentation?
  2. Share
  3. Transitions
  4. Q&A tool
17 .
How will an inserted video appear on your slide?
  1. as a speaker icon
  2. as a thumbnail
  3. as a text description
  4. as a link

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