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Review Questions

1 .
How does having a clear purpose for your presentation help you connect to your audience?
  1. It helps ensure that your presentation is coherent.
  2. It helps ensure that your presentation is consistent.
  3. It helps ensure that your presentation is relevant.
  4. It helps ensure that your presentation has an appropriate outline.
2 .
A consistent color scheme should have ________.
  1. elements that work together
  2. a uniform look and feel
  3. a focal point
  4. a key message
3 .
To determine the appropriate number of slides for your presentation, you should consider ________.
  1. whether the presentation will be delivered in person or via technology such as Zoom
  2. the needs of your audience
  3. the software you use to create the presentation
  4. the category of the presentation
4 .
To create an effective plan for your presentation, you should ________.
  1. focus on consistent design quality
  2. ensure the slideshow has a coherent design quality
  3. make sure that you tell a story throughout the presentation
  4. define the layout of your slides
5 .
The ________ in a presentation refers to the overall design and layout of the slides.
  1. title slide
  2. variants
  3. theme
  4. Slide Master
6 .
If you wanted to change the overall color style of a theme you are using, which option would be best?
  1. Go to the Design tab, then Variants.
  2. Go to the Home tab, then Slides.
  3. Go to the Insert tab, then Text.
  4. Go to the View tab, Outline View.
7 .
On the Home tab, the ________ command enables you to work with elements in your presentation such as adding bullets and aligning text.
  1. Layout
  2. Font
  3. Paragraph
  4. Design Ideas
8 .
What is the advantage of the Design tab over the Design Ideas feature?
  1. The Design tab has an on/off button that provides advanced slide layouts.
  2. The Design tab enables you to adjust elements of your presentation such as line spacing and columns.
  3. The Design tab offers the option of using a blank, white canvas to build your presentation.
  4. The Design tab provides a collection of tools that enable you to change layout designs for all of your slides at once.
9 .
To add a slide to your presentation, which option on the View tab should you select?
  1. Notes View
  2. Slide Sorter View
  3. Reading View
  4. Outline View
10 .
What type of slide layout offers the best way to present two or more different types of information in a presentation?
  1. Content with Caption
  2. Section Header
  3. Comparison
  4. Title and Content
11 .
_________ refers to the use of similar or identical elements, such as colors, fonts, or design elements, across multiple slides in a presentation.
  1. Repetition
  2. Contrast
  3. Alignment
  4. Proximity
12 .
A table in PowerPoint is used to ________.
  1. add special effects to text
  2. create charts and graphs
  3. present information in an organized format
  4. add images and videos
13 .
You need a picture of a squirrel for your presentation, but you have been unable to take one with your cell phone. What could you do instead?
  1. Use the WordArt tool.
  2. Use 3D models.
  3. Use SmartArt.
  4. Use a stock image.
14 .
WordArt in PowerPoint is used to ________.
  1. add special effects to text
  2. create charts and graphs
  3. add images and videos
  4. organize slides into sections
15 .
Why would you use a visual hierarchy in your presentation?
  1. to emphasize certain points
  2. to make the presentation more engaging
  3. to minimize distractions in the presentation
  4. to guide a viewer’s eyes to the most important information
16 .
As part of your presentation, you need to present data to your audience. To do this, which type of illustration should you select?
  1. SmartArt
  2. icons
  3. charts
  4. 3D models
17 .
What is a distinct feature of Slides that is not present in PowerPoint?
  1. changing ribbon
  2. drop-down boxes from each tab
  3. File, View, and Insert menus
  4. thumbnails on the left side
18 .
What is a primary difference between Slides and PowerPoint?
  1. Slides is a web-based software application, while PowerPoint is a stand-alone software program.
  2. PowerPoint is recommended for online collaboration, while Slides is best for self-contained work.
  3. Slides can only be used offline, while PowerPoint is ideal for mobile application devices.
  4. PowerPoint can only be used through cloud-based applications, while Slides is a desktop application.
19 .
If your workplace uses only Microsoft products, which program would be a better choice for creating a slideshow, and why?
  1. PowerPoint, because it is more feature-rich than Slides
  2. PowerPoint, because it is advantageous to remain within your workplace’s software ecosystem
  3. Slides, because it is more user-friendly than PowerPoint
  4. Slides, because it is better for online collaboration
20 .
When you convert your presentation from PowerPoint to Slides, some of the font effects are missing. Why does this happen?
  1. Slides is a desktop application.
  2. Slides does not include Illustrations tools.
  3. Slides is a web-based software application.
  4. Slides does not always convert WordArt consistently.
21 .
Which drop-down menu in Slides is best to access line spacing options for text?
  1. Insert
  2. Slide
  3. Arrange
  4. Format
22 .
To add a border to a text box in Slides, you must first do what?
  1. Copy the text.
  2. Select the text box,
  3. Go to the Format menu.
  4. A border cannot be added to a text box in Slides.
23 .
Which tool in Slides helps you change the layout of your slides?
  1. Slide menu
  2. Apply Layout
  3. Change Background
  4. Edit Theme
24 .
When adding images to your Slides presentation, what should you remember?
  1. Only copyrighted and trademarked images should be used.
  2. Before you insert the images into your presentation, they must be the correct size.
  3. You should use the Format menu to insert images.
  4. The images can come from any source, including pictures on your smartphone.
25 .
What is the advantage of using diagrams in a Slides presentation?
  1. Slides automatically designs any diagram that you select.
  2. You can copy and paste diagrams from other sources without making any modifications.
  3. You can present complex information in a simple and intuitive way.
  4. Diagrams make it easier to quickly create a presentation.
26 .
To present numerical data to your audience during a presentation using Slides, what tool(s) should you use?
  1. shapes and/or diagrams
  2. text boxes
  3. tables and/or charts
  4. images
27 .
Why are special characters useful in presentations?
  1. They add effects to text and make it more prominent.
  2. They add visual interest or convey specific meanings.
  3. They enable you to add images to a presentation.
  4. They are the most appropriate tools for presenting numerical data.
28 .
When using links in your presentation, what should you remember?
  1. Links are important tools and should be used extensively in presentations.
  2. Links can be used to make a presentation more visually appealing.
  3. Links can be distributed to your audience electronically for their personal access.
  4. Links should not be used if you have screenshots of the information you want to present.

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