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Key Terms

third-party application that can be added to Google, which extends the basic functionality of a program with features that are not already included
Anyone with the link
accessibility limit in Docs’s shareable links, in which the Doc can be accessed by anybody with the link, even if they do not have a Google account
business plan
document that describes a company’s plan for growth and profitability
sturdy kind of paper material, typically used for business cards
Comment history
feature in Docs that places all comments on a sidebar for easy viewing
content control fields
placeholders for the type of questions that the respondent will use to respond
Design Mode
tool that lets the form composer type a description of the question that instructs the survey taker how to answer
Developer tab
tab that is used for forms, macros, and managing add-ons or templates; it is not one of Word’s default tabs
document type that has blanks for the recipient to add their information
bill that indicates what goods or services one party has sold to another; it usually displays the quantity, price per unit, and total
contact information and name of a person that is placed on top of letters
mail merge
tool in Word that lets you auto-populate certain field types, such as name and address
main document
document that will have merge fields added to it; it will be auto-populated with the information from the source document when mail merged
merge fields
blank fields that get auto-populated with the information imported from the source document
merged document
completed mail merged document, with all information auto-populated
Publish to the web
most public way to share a Doc; publishes the document so that it is searchable by internet search engines
accessibility limit in Docs’s shareable links, which only allows users who have already been shared on the document to access it
document that displays a job seeker’s work experience and academic degrees, along with their skill set
source document
spreadsheet or other document that serves as the source file for the information that will go in the merge fields in your main document
Submit a template
feature in Docs that lets the user submit a saved template for use in the public Template Gallery

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