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Review Questions

1 .
How do you add a level to a multilevel list?
  1. Go to the Insert tab and choose bulleted list.
  2. Use the Tab key or use the Increase Indent tool.
  3. Highlight the text and choose multilevel lists from the Layout tab.
  4. Insert a numbered list from the Home tab and press Enter after each line.
2 .
In the Word Options dialog box, where can you add paragraph marks?
  1. the General tab
  2. the Proofing tab
  3. the Advanced tab
  4. the Display tab
3 .
Where would you go to remove your personal information when sending a file to someone else?
  1. the General tab in Options
  2. the Accessibility tab
  3. The Trust Center tab in Options
  4. the Display tab
4 .
How would you quickly insert a special character to indicate something is copyrighted ( © )?
  1. using SmartArt
  2. using symbols
  3. changing the font
  4. inserting a header
5 .
What is the main purpose of SmartArt?
  1. to create flow and process charts
  2. to create a column chart of data
  3. to add visual interest to text with shading and shadows
  4. to add a screenshot to a Word file
6 .
Where would you go to insert a signature line?
  1. the Symbols command group
  2. the Tables command group
  3. the Text command group
  4. the Illustrations command group
7 .
How can Format Painter be used in long documents?
  1. to add section breaks to the document
  2. to set up the headings for the table of contents
  3. to quickly copy formats from one section of a document to other sections
  4. to add bookmarks, hyperlinks, and captions
8 .
What do you need to do before you can insert a table of contents?
  1. Add page breaks, section breaks, and cross-references.
  2. Add section breaks and headings.
  3. Add headings, page breaks, and page numbers.
  4. Add bookmarks, hyperlinks, and captions.
9 .
What is the function of the Caption tool?
  1. It inserts autogenerated text to footnotes.
  2. It labels all figures, which then can be used to build a table of figures.
  3. It labels headings, which can then be used to build a table of contents.
  4. It inserts a reference for the image or table.
10 .
What are the two ways to create sublevels in a multilevel list?
  1. the Tab key and the Increase indent command in the action bar
  2. the Enter key and the Increase indent command in the action bar
  3. the Alt key and the Decrease indent command in the action bar
  4. the Ctrl key and the Decrease indent command in the action bar
11 .
Where do you find headers in Docs?
  1. on the Insert menu
  2. on the action bar
  3. on the Tools menu
  4. on the Edit menu
12 .
What are the two default page number styles in Docs?
  1. bottom left and top right
  2. bottom left and top left
  3. bottom center and top center
  4. bottom right and top right
13 .
What is one way to insert a drawing from Google Drawings into a Doc
  1. You can upload the drawing directly from your desktop.
  2. You can drag-and-drop a drawing from your desktop.
  3. You can upload or link to an existing file in Drive.
  4. You can create a new one from a vector-graphics tool within Docs.
14 .
How would you insert the copyright symbol ( © ) into a Doc?
  1. Go to the Insert menu and choose Special characters.
  2. Find the copyright symbol online and copy and paste it into the document.
  3. Insert it as a drawing.
  4. Go the Insert menu and chose Image.
15 .
Which menu do you need to access to add a table of contents to a Doc?
  1. the Insert menu
  2. the Format menu
  3. the Tools menu
  4. the action bar
16 .
How do you link to a table in another part of a Doc?
  1. Use the Link tool on the Insert menu and copy the link.
  2. Create a bookmark to the table and copy the link.
  3. Choose the Link Objects option from the Insert menu.
  4. Add a heading to the table, and then link to the heading.

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