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Practice Exercises

19 .
Go to Papers and reports at Choose a report template to download for Word by scrolling through the thumbnails. (Note: Do not choose a “premium” report. These require a subscription to access.) Select a report that is more than one page. Open the report template in Word and change the view of the report on the screen using some of the options on the View tab. What are some advantages/disadvantages of each of the view options?
20 .
Go to Papers and reports at and search for a “Student Paper” template for Word by typing into the search bar. Open the report template in Word and click on the Navigation pane. Examine the result. How could the Navigation pane be useful if you were using this template to prepare a document report for a class?
21 .
Find an online article that interests you. Copy the information into a new Word document. Save the document using a relevant file name. Change the orientation of the document between portrait and landscape. Adjust the margins and line spacing as needed to give the document a professional appearance.
22 .
Go to the website of a magazine of your choosing and copy the text from an article. Select the entire article, including the article’s images. (You can remove any advertisement images after you paste everything into Word.) Paste it all into a Word document. All the images will be pasted along with the text; they will appear in separate lines. Now, follow the steps you learned in this section to position and align the images in a way that looks pleasing and professional.
23 .
Write out the step-by-step procedure for protecting a document that you will share with other collaborators, whom you do not want changing the document formatting.
24 .
Find an article online and copy and paste the information into a Word document. Access the Editor tool and examine the suggested edits. Go through the edits and determine which suggestions you want to keep.
25 .
Find a recent sports news article online. Copy and paste the text into a new Word document. Choose a style and theme. Make some adjustments to the color scheme of your selected theme.
26 .
Copy and paste the text of an email into a Word document and format the email to appear as a WorldCorp memo. Add a watermark to indicate the memo is a confidential draft.
27 .
Using the two approaches outlined in this section, create a new Docs file for the market trends report. Which approach do you think you will use more often and why?
28 .
Create a new Doc using a template of your choice. Go to the appropriate menu and place a drawing in the template.
29 .
Your supervisor has asked you to complete a two-page newsletter in Docs. The canvas will be landscape. The first page will have single-spaced paragraphs in four columns, and the second page will have one column with paragraphs that have two indent spaces from the left. That hollow area will be occupied with an image. How would you accomplish this, given what you have learned in Formatting Layout and Content in Google Docs?
30 .
Find an article on the internet that is at least three pages long. Copy the entire article and past it into a new Doc. Use the skills from this section to reformat the text to a new font type. Insert section breaks as appropriate. Make section headings bold.
31 .
Your supervisor has assigned you to write a set of company guidelines for making reports. You need to include a section on how to collaborate on documents in Docs. List below the essential items to include in this instructional guide for employees.
32 .
Find a news story online from a news outlet of your choice such as NBC, CNN, etc. Then, select one of today’s top stories. Copy the material into a new Doc. Make some formatting changes to the document such as changing the font style or line spacing as you learned in a previous section. Then, examine the version history. Use the version history to look at the changes you made.
33 .
Select a topic and search for it on Wikipedia. Copy the material into a Word document and save the document in SharePoint or OneDrive. Make some changes to the document such as line spacing, formatting fonts, or adding lists. Close the document and reopen the document. Make additional changes. Using the skills learned in this section, examine the version history. Access the previous version and restore the current document to the previous version.

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