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Key Terms

a function that saves continuously as you make changes to a file
Backstage view
welcome screen and the File tab, where you can open or save a document, create a new document, or configure settings for the application
blind carbon copy (Bcc)
recipient in email; the recipient will receive the same email as recipients in the Cc and To fields but will not be known to those recipients
carbon copy (Cc)
recipient in email; the recipient who is Cc’d on the email will receive the same email as the recipient in the To field, but the Cc recipient will be known to all other recipients
process the user selects; located on the toolbar, on the ribbon, or in a menu
command group
group of related commands that are placed together in one area of the ribbon
communication applications
software that facilitates communication between individuals or groups
database applications
software that organizes and manages large amounts of data, which could be textual or numeric
dialog box
window that appears within a software program prompting the user to choose or enter information for a task
command in Google Docs that lets the user Save As their .gdocx file by exporting the file in another file extension
mail sent and received electronically
electronic system used to store data and programs
file compression
process of reducing the size of one or more files by removing unnecessary data
file format
way data is encoded based on the application that the computer will use to read the file
defined area of a computer that stores files and subfolders
graphical user interface (GUI)
portion of an application that allows the user to interact with the program
instant chat/messaging
chat application that allows messages to be sent and received in real time
menu bar
screen display of software commands that can be arranged in tabs and often at the top of the screen; also called a ribbon
Portable Document Format (PDF)
file format designed for publishing documents; maintains the same text and object alignment when read in different software versions of .pdf readers
presentation application
software used to create slides that combines text and visuals to be shared in a presentation
area at the top of the application window where all commands are housed; organized into tabs
Rich Text Format (RTF)
older text file format that is plainer and less sophisticated than .docx
way of saving a document that resaves the file with its existing name
Save a Copy
command that creates a duplicate version of an existing file
Save As
way of saving a document that enables you to rename the file or save it in another format
command that enables a document’s owner to invite others to work on it
spreadsheet application
software that is used to work with data, especially numerical data
status bar
feature that shows the computer’s progress in loading a website and is often found at the bottom of the software screen
sections of the ribbon that refer to related processes, organized by labels
preformatted file, designed to save the user time in document formatting
bar of icons that are used in the program to perform functions; often found below the menus in the program
Version history
Google Drive feature that allows users to access past versions of the same document, created using AutoSave
allows you to communicate with individuals over the internet using sound and video
word processing application
software that is used to create text-based documents such as memos, letters, and reports

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