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Case Exercises

49 .
Imagine you are working for a realtor in your hometown. You are asked to organize the files on the realtor’s computer to make it easier for them to keep up with the properties they are selling and their clients who are looking for homes. The realtor also deals with several rental properties. Design a folder structure that is logical and that will be easy for your boss to manage when new clients or new properties are added.
50 .
Aquent is a staffing agency for marketing professionals (Aquent: Global Work Solutions Company). As a result of the pandemic and their business needs, they have converted to a permanently remote workforce. They have kept some office space for meetings and other needs that necessitate meeting in person. What communication tools could they use to facilitate a remote work policy? What are some challenges they might face?
51 .
Go back through Essentials of Microsoft Office and find a command that you would like to add to your ribbon. Then, follow the directions in the chapter to do so. Once you have added your command to your ribbon, answer the following questions: Why did you choose to add what you did? Which ribbon did you add it to? Why there?
52 .
Discuss the value of specific Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) in a business context, giving examples of why Office has become so dominant.
53 .
Read this article about conducting a hybrid meeting in the workplace. Describe at least three key takeaways from the article that will help you plan a meeting where some participants attend in person and others participate virtually. What are some challenges posed by setting up such a meeting?

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