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15.1 Microsoft 365: Collaboration and Integration

  • Collaborative workspaces allow users from various physical locations to work together efficiently.
  • Office is designed to allow easy integration between applications.
  • We discuss two types of integration—embedding and linking. Embedded information becomes a part of the other file and is not updated if the source file is updated. Linked information is kept separate; a connection between the two files is made, but it does not become part of the other file.
  • Certain PDF files can be opened by Word by using the default conversion tool. Because the programs generally have the same layout, there are common paths to take information from one program into another program.

15.2 Microsoft Word: Integration with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access

  • Integrating Word into Excel has some drawbacks as Excel is meant more for data rather than text.
  • However, methods for importing Excel content into Word files include many copy-and-paste options, as well as the ability to insert a linked object.
  • The process for linking or embedding Excel charts into a Word file is similar to linking or embedding tables of data. You can choose to display the information as an icon in the Word document rather than showing an image of the linked or embedded information.
  • You can import Access tables into Word, but this is typically not advised, as Access databases can be quite lengthy.

15.3 Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint Integration

  • The quickest way to link to a Word file in PowerPoint is to use the Link tool on the Insert tab.
  • Linking a PowerPoint presentation to a summary report created in Word can enhance the overall message.

15.4 Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint Integration

  • PowerPoint files can be linked or embedded directly into Excel files.
  • You can link or embed entire Excel files into a PowerPoint presentation or choose only certain selections. Linking and embedding Excel information into PowerPoint files is similar to the process used to link and embed Excel into Word.
  • Integrating Excel tables and charts into PowerPoint presentations can enhance a presentation by showing relevant data and visuals to explain trends.

15.5 Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access Integration

  • Access and Excel are commonly integrated. Many databases start with information from Excel.
  • Information manipulated in an Access table is easily exported into Excel for additional analysis.

15.6 Integrating Data from Other Programs into Google Workspace

  • Data from Google Sheets can be imported into a Google Doc using a few different methods.
  • Microsoft files, such as Excel tables and charts, Excel worksheets, and Word documents, can be imported into Google Sheets, which can then be imported into Google Docs by using the copy-and-paste method or the Chart command in the Insert window menu. Converted files in both Sheets and Docs will not be identical to the original Excel and Word documents.

15.7 New Developments: The Role of Artificial Intelligence

  • Microsoft and Google have both incorporated AI into their applications. These application enhancements are intended to increase employee productivity on more value-added tasks.
  • ChatGPT is one type of generative AI that offers enhanced text generation that is more conversational in style than previous versions of computer-generated text.

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