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Written Questions

14 .
Think about a recent significant purchase you made. Describe what financial and nonfinancial factors went into that purchase. Rank the factors from most important to least important and explain how you made the final decision to purchase the item.
15 .
Computerized accounting systems help businesses efficiently record and utilize financial information. QuickBooks is a popular software package for small businesses. Explore the QuickBooks website to learn more about this software. Select one of the QuickBooks plans and discuss some of the capabilities of the software. Taking the perspective of a small business owner, explain how this software might help the business.
16 .
Describe a situation in which you would use one of the five financial functions introduced in this chapter.
17 .
What is the purpose of the depreciation expenditure? Explain.
18 .
Why would you want to know the future value of an investment? Explain.
19 .
Why might you use Excel in conjunction with QuickBooks for accounting purposes?
20 .
What are the advantages of using QuickBooks for a small business owner?

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