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Key Terms

bar chart
horizontal column chart
tool that checks the validity of your data with similar datasets or a set standard
Calculated Field
tool that allows addition of columns of calculations to a PivotTable
categorical data
data that is grouped into categories based on attributes or characteristics
clustered column chart
column chart that includes multiple variables to show the comparison between the groups
combination chart
chart that combines two different chart types in one visual
continuous data
information that is measured and can take on an infinite set of values
used to analyze the relationship between two variables
data validation
process of ensuring that data values fall within a predetermined range
data verification
process used to ensure that your data is accurate and reliable
discrete data
information that can only take on a specific set of values
chart that displays the number of occurrences of data within a defined range
line chart
chart used to show changes over time
numerical data
data that is quantitative and represents measures of the variables
qualitative data
categorical information that does not include numbers; if it does include numbers, they do not have a true mathematical meaning
quantitative data
data that involves numerical evaluations
scatter chart
chart used to show the relationship between two variables
visual, interactive way to filter data in a PivotTable
small charts inserted into cells next to data that show changes over time

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