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Practice Exercises

20 .
Conduct research to show how mobile, imaging, and gaming devices have contributed to the U.S. economy and the global economy.
21 .
Using some of the internet search strategies discussed earlier in the chapter, choose an industry and research some leading technologies in that industry.
22 .
Think about the concept of lifelong learning. Using the strategies outlined in the chapter, discuss how lifelong learning can be incorporated into your life.
23 .
A computer’s memory capacity and speed have an impact on its price. Perform a Google search to compare the prices of at least three laptops and three desktop computers with various speeds and memory capacities. Which is more expensive, and why? What factor has the greatest impact on the price of the computers?
24 .
Go to United States Census Bureau Data. Select the Explore Data section. Find your county and identify a variable of interest to you, such as education or poverty. List some key findings you discovered about your county from the data on the site.
25 .
You want to find out about music festivals happening this summer close to your home. First, follow your typical procedure for conducting an internet search. Then, conduct another internet search for the same information, this time using some of the techniques discussed in the chapter. What differences do you notice in the results?
26 .
Conduct an internet search for a topic that interests you. Then, navigate to a website devoted to that topic. Using the strategies discussed in this chapter, evaluate the credibility of the information contained on the site.
27 .
View your social media account (or someone else’s, if you don’t have one). From the perspective of an outsider, what do you see? Is everything that is viewable acceptable? Would you want your employer to view this social media account?
28 .
Discuss how you would protect your personal computer, including access restriction and prevention of data loss.

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