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U.S. History

Review Questions

U.S. HistoryReview Questions


The United States Senator who led the noninterventionists in Congress and called for neutrality legislation in the 1930s was ________.

  1. Gerald P. Nye
  2. Robert Wagner
  3. George C. Marshall
  4. Neville Chamberlain

Describe Franklin Roosevelt’s efforts on behalf of German Jews in the 1930s. How was he able to help, and in what ways did his actions come up short?


During World War II, unionized workers agreed ________.

  1. to work without pay
  2. to go without vacations or days off
  3. to live near the factories to save time commuting
  4. to keep production going by not striking

The program to recruit Mexican agricultural workers during World War II was the ________.

  1. bracero program
  2. maquiladora program
  3. brazzos program
  4. campesino program

What were American women’s contributions to the war effort?


Which of the following demands did the Soviet Union make of Britain and the United States?

  1. the right to try all Nazi war criminals in the Soviet Union
  2. the invasion of North Africa to help the Soviet Union’s ally Iraq
  3. the invasion of western Europe to draw German forces away from the Soviet Union
  4. the right to place Communist Party leaders in charge of the German government

What did Roosevelt mean to achieve with his demand for Germany and Japan’s unconditional surrender?


What were the phases of the Holocaust?


Which of the following islands had to be captured in order to provide a staging area for U.S. bombing raids against Japan?

  1. Sakhalin
  2. Iwo Jima
  3. Molokai
  4. Reunion

What purpose did the Allied strategy of island hopping serve?


Why might President Truman have made the decision to drop the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki?

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