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U.S. History

Review Questions

U.S. HistoryReview Questions


Which of the following Native peoples built homes in cliff dwellings that still exist?

  1. Anasazi
  2. Cherokee
  3. Aztec
  4. Inca

Which culture developed the first writing system in the Western Hemisphere?

  1. Inca
  2. Maya
  3. Olmec
  4. Pueblo

Which culture developed a road system rivaling that of the Romans?

  1. Cherokee
  2. Inca
  3. Olmec
  4. Anasazi

What were the major differences between the societies of the Aztec, Inca, and Maya and the Native peoples of North America?


The series of attempts by Christian armies to retake the Holy Lands from Muslims was known as ________.

  1. the Crusades
  2. the Reconquista
  3. the Black Death
  4. the Silk Road

________ became wealthy trading with the East.

  1. Carcassonne
  2. Jerusalem
  3. Rome
  4. Venice

In 1492, the Spanish forced these two religious groups to either convert or leave.

  1. Jews and Muslims
  2. Christians and Jews
  3. Protestants and Muslims
  4. Catholics and Jews

How did European feudal society operate? How was this a mutually supportive system?


Why did Columbus believe he could get to the Far East by sailing west? What were the problems with this plan?


The city of ________ became a leading center for Muslim scholarship and trade.

  1. Cairo
  2. Timbuktu
  3. Morocco
  4. Mali

Which of the following does not describe a form of slavery traditionally practiced in Africa?

  1. a system in which those in need of supplies or protection give themselves in servitude
  2. a system in which debtors repay those whom they owe by giving themselves in servitude
  3. a system in which people are treated as chattel—that is, as personal property to be bought and sold
  4. a system in which people are enslaved permanently on account of their race
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