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Quantity Common Symbol Unit Unit in Terms of Base SI Units
Acceleration aa m/s2 m/s2
Amount of substance n mole mol
Angle θ,ϕθ,ϕ radian (rad)
Angular acceleration αα rad/s2 s−2
Angular frequency ωω rad/s s−1
Angular momentum LL kg·m2/skg·m2/s kg·m2/skg·m2/s
Angular velocity ωω rad/s s−1
Area A m2 m2
Atomic number Z
Capacitance C farad (F) A2·s4/kg·m2A2·s4/kg·m2
Charge q, Q, e coulomb (C) A·sA·s
Charge density:
    Line λλ C/m A·s/mA·s/m
    Surface σσ C/m2 A·s/m2A·s/m2
    Volume ρρ C/m3 A·s/m3A·s/m3
Conductivity σσ 1/Ω·m1/Ω·m A2·s3/kg·m3A2·s3/kg·m3
Current I ampere A
Current density JJ A/m2 A/m2
Density ρρ kg/m3 kg/m3
Dielectric constant κκ
Electric dipole moment pp C·mC·m A·s·mA·s·m
Electric field EE N/C kg·m/A·s3kg·m/A·s3
Electric flux ΦΦ N·m2/CN·m2/C kg·m3/A·s3kg·m3/A·s3
Electromotive force εε volt (V) kg·m2/A·s3kg·m2/A·s3
Energy E,U,K joule (J) kg·m2/s2kg·m2/s2
Entropy S J/K kg·m2/s2·Kkg·m2/s2·K
Force FF newton (N) kg·m/s2kg·m/s2
Frequency f hertz (Hz) s−1
Heat Q joule (J) kg·m2/s2kg·m2/s2
Inductance L henry (H) kg·m2/A2·s2kg·m2/A2·s2
Length: ,L,L meter m
    Displacement Δx,ΔrΔx,Δr
    Distance d, h
    Position x,y,z,rx,y,z,r
Magnetic dipole moment μμ N·J/TN·J/T A·m2A·m2
Magnetic field BB tesla (T) =(Wb/m2)=(Wb/m2) kg/A·s2kg/A·s2
Magnetic flux ΦmΦm weber (Wb) kg·m2/A·s2kg·m2/A·s2
Mass m, M kilogram kg
Molar specific heat C J/mol·KJ/mol·K kg·m2/s2·mol·Kkg·m2/s2·mol·K
Moment of inertia I kg·m2kg·m2 kg·m2kg·m2
Momentum pp kg·m/skg·m/s kg·m/skg·m/s
Period T s s
Permeability of free space μ0μ0 N/A2=(H/m)N/A2=(H/m) kg·m/A2·s2kg·m/A2·s2
Permittivity of free space ε0ε0 C2/N·m2=(F/m)C2/N·m2=(F/m) A2·s4/kg·m3A2·s4/kg·m3
Potential V volt (V) =(J/C)=(J/C) kg·m2/A·s3kg·m2/A·s3
Power P watt (W) =(J/s)=(J/s) kg·m2/s3kg·m2/s3
Pressure p pascal (P) =(N/m2)=(N/m2) kg/m·s2kg/m·s2
Resistance R ohm (Ω) =(V/A)=(V/A) kg·m2/A2·s3kg·m2/A2·s3
Specific heat c J/kg·KJ/kg·K m2/s2·Km2/s2·K
Speed νν m/s m/s
Temperature T kelvin K
Time t second s
Torque ττ N·mN·m kg·m2/s2kg·m2/s2
Velocity vv m/s m/s
Volume V m3 m3
Wavelength λλ m m
Work W joule (J) =(N·m)=(N·m) kg·m2/s2kg·m2/s2
Table A1 Units Used in Physics (Fundamental units in bold)
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