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Key Terms

back emf
emf generated by a running motor, because it consists of a coil turning in a magnetic field; it opposes the voltage powering the motor
eddy current
current loop in a conductor caused by motional emf
electric generator
device for converting mechanical work into electric energy; it induces an emf by rotating a coil in a magnetic field
Faraday’s law
induced emf is created in a closed loop due to a change in magnetic flux through the loop
induced electric field
created based on the changing magnetic flux with time
induced emf
short-lived voltage generated by a conductor or coil moving in a magnetic field
Lenz’s law
direction of an induced emf opposes the change in magnetic flux that produced it; this is the negative sign in Faraday’s law
magnetic damping
drag produced by eddy currents
magnetic flux
measurement of the amount of magnetic field lines through a given area
motionally induced emf
voltage produced by the movement of a conducting wire in a magnetic field
peak emf
maximum emf produced by a generator
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