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Review Questions

PsychologyReview Questions


Need for ________ refers to maintaining positive relationships with others.

  1. achievement
  2. affiliation
  3. intimacy
  4. power

________ proposed the hierarchy of needs.

  1. William James
  2. David McClelland
  3. Abraham Maslow
  4. Albert Bandura

________ is an individual’s belief in her capability to complete some task.

  1. physiological needs
  2. self-esteem
  3. self-actualization
  4. self-efficacy

Carl mows the yard of his elderly neighbor each week for $20. What type of motivation is this?

  1. extrinsic
  2. intrinsic
  3. drive
  4. biological

According to your reading, nearly ________ of the adult population in the United States can be classified as obese.

  1. one half
  2. one third
  3. one fourth
  4. one fifth

________ is a chemical messenger secreted by fat cells that acts as an appetite suppressant.

  1. orexin
  2. angiotensin
  3. leptin
  4. ghrelin

________ is characterized by episodes of binge eating followed by attempts to compensate for the excessive amount of food that was consumed.

  1. Prader-Willi syndrome
  2. morbid obesity
  3. anorexia nervosa
  4. bulimia nervosa

In order to be classified as morbidly obese, an adult must have a BMI of ________.

  1. less than 25
  2. 25–29.9
  3. 30–39.9
  4. 40 or more

Animal research suggests that in male rats the ________ is critical for the ability to engage in sexual behavior, but not for the motivation to do so.

  1. nucleus accumbens
  2. amygdala
  3. medial preoptic area of the hypothalamus
  4. hippocampus

During the ________ phase of the sexual response cycle, individuals experience rhythmic contractions of the pelvis that are accompanied by uterine contractions in women and ejaculation in men.

  1. excitement
  2. plateau
  3. orgasm
  4. resolution

Which of the following findings was not a result of the Kinsey study?

  1. Sexual desire and sexual ability can be separate functions.
  2. Females enjoy sex as much as males.
  3. Homosexual behavior is fairly common.
  4. Masturbation has no adverse consequences.

If someone is uncomfortable identifying with the gender normally associated with their biological sex, then he could be classified as experiencing ________.

  1. homosexuality
  2. bisexuality
  3. heterosexuality
  4. gender dysphoria

Individuals suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder have been shown to have reduced volumes of the ________.

  1. amygdala
  2. hippocampus
  3. hypothalamus
  4. thalamus

According to the ________ theory of emotion, emotional experiences arise from physiological arousal.

  1. James-Lange
  2. Cannon-Bard
  3. Schachter-Singer two-factor
  4. Darwinian

Which of the following is not one of the seven universal emotions described in this chapter?

  1. contempt
  2. disgust
  3. melancholy
  4. anger

Which of the following theories of emotion would suggest that polygraphs should be quite accurate at differentiating one emotion from another?

  1. Cannon-Bard theory
  2. James-Lange theory
  3. Schachter-Singer two-factor theory
  4. Darwinian theory
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