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Psychology 2e

Review Questions

Psychology 2eReview Questions


As a field, social psychology focuses on ________ in predicting human behavior.

  1. personality traits
  2. genetic predispositions
  3. biological forces
  4. situational factors

Making internal attributions for your successes and making external attributions for your failures is an example of ________.

  1. actor-observer bias
  2. fundamental attribution error
  3. self-serving bias
  4. just-world hypothesis

Collectivistic cultures are to ________ as individualistic cultures are to ________.

  1. dispositional; situational
  2. situational; dispositional
  3. autonomy; group harmony
  4. just-world hypothesis; self-serving bias

According to the actor-observer bias, we have more information about ________.

  1. situational influences on behavior
  2. influences on our own behavior
  3. influences on others’ behavior
  4. dispositional influences on behavior

A(n) ________ is a set of group expectations for appropriate thoughts and behaviors of its members.

  1. social role
  2. social norm
  3. script
  4. attribution

On his first day of soccer practice, Jose suits up in a t-shirt, shorts, and cleats and runs out to the field to join his teammates. Jose’s behavior is reflective of ________.

  1. a script
  2. social influence
  3. good athletic behavior
  4. normative behavior

When it comes to buying clothes, teenagers often follow social norms; this is likely motivated by ________.

  1. following parents’ rules
  2. saving money
  3. fitting in
  4. looking good

In the Stanford prison experiment, even the lead researcher succumbed to his role as a prison supervisor. This is an example of the power of ________ influencing behavior.

  1. scripts
  2. social norms
  3. conformity
  4. social roles

Attitudes describe our ________ of people, objects, and ideas.

  1. treatment
  2. evaluations
  3. cognitions
  4. knowledge

Cognitive dissonance causes discomfort because it disrupts our sense of ________.

  1. dependency
  2. unpredictability
  3. consistency
  4. power

In order for the central route to persuasion to be effective, the audience must be ________ and ________.

  1. analytical; motivated
  2. attentive; happy
  3. intelligent; unemotional
  4. gullible; distracted

Examples of cues used in peripheral route persuasion include all of the following except ________.

  1. celebrity endorsement
  2. positive emotions
  3. attractive models
  4. factual information

In the Asch experiment, participants conformed due to ________ social influence.

  1. informational
  2. normative
  3. inspirational
  4. persuasive

Under what conditions will informational social influence be more likely?

  1. when individuals want to fit in
  2. when the answer is unclear
  3. when the group has expertise
  4. both b and c

Social loafing occurs when ________.

  1. individual performance cannot be evaluated
  2. the task is easy
  3. both a and b
  4. none of the above

If group members modify their opinions to align with a perceived group consensus, then ________ has occurred.

  1. group cohesion
  2. social polarization
  3. groupthink
  4. social loafing

Prejudice is to ________ as discrimination is to ________.

  1. feelings; behavior
  2. thoughts; feelings
  3. feelings; thoughts
  4. behavior; feelings

Which of the following is not a type of prejudice?

  1. homophobia
  2. racism
  3. sexism
  4. individualism

________ occurs when the out-group is blamed for the in-group’s frustration.

  1. stereotyping
  2. in-group bias
  3. scapegoating
  4. ageism

When we seek out information that supports our stereotypes we are engaged in ________.

  1. scapegoating
  2. confirmation bias
  3. self-fulfilling prophecy
  4. in-group bias

Typically, bullying from boys is to ________ as bullying from girls is to ________.

  1. emotional harm; physical harm
  2. physical harm; emotional harm
  3. psychological harm; physical harm
  4. social exclusion; verbal taunting

Which of the following adolescents is least likely to be targeted for bullying?

  1. a child with a physical disability
  2. a transgender adolescent
  3. an emotionally sensitive boy
  4. the captain of the football team

The bystander effect likely occurs due to ________.

  1. desensitization to violence
  2. people not noticing the emergency
  3. diffusion of responsibility
  4. emotional insensitivity

Altruism is a form of prosocial behavior that is motivated by ________.

  1. feeling good about oneself
  2. selfless helping of others
  3. earning a reward
  4. showing bravery to bystanders

After moving to a new apartment building, research suggests that Sam will be most likely to become friends with ________.

  1. his next door neighbor
  2. someone who lives three floors up in the apartment building
  3. someone from across the street
  4. his new postal delivery person

What trait do both men and women tend to look for in a romantic partner?

  1. sense of humor
  2. social skills
  3. leadership potential
  4. physical attractiveness

According to the triangular theory of love, what type of love is defined by passion and intimacy but no commitment?

  1. consummate love
  2. empty love
  3. romantic love
  4. liking

According to social exchange theory, humans want to maximize the ________ and minimize the ________ in relationships.

  1. intimacy; commitment
  2. benefits; costs
  3. costs; benefits
  4. passion; intimacy
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