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Psychology 2e

Critical Thinking Questions

Psychology 2eCritical Thinking Questions


What makes a personal quality part of someone’s personality?


How might the common expression “daddy’s girl” be rooted in the idea of the Electra complex?


Describe the personality of someone who is fixated at the anal stage.


Describe the difference between extroverts and introverts in terms of what is energizing to each.


Discuss Horney’s perspective on Freud’s concept of penis envy.


Compare the personalities of someone who has high self-efficacy to someone who has low self-efficacy.


Compare and contrast Skinner’s perspective on personality development to Freud’s.


How might a temperament mix between parent and child affect family life?


How stable are the Big Five factors over one’s lifespan?


Compare the personality of someone who scores high on agreeableness to someone who scores low on agreeableness.


Why might it be important to consider cultural influences on personality?


Why might a prospective employer screen applicants using personality assessments?


Why would a clinician give someone a projective test?

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