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Principles of Marketing

Critical Thinking Exercises

Principles of MarketingCritical Thinking Exercises

1 .
Compose a paragraph of 250–500 words using all of the following terms as they relate to B2B. The goal is to prove you understand the meaning of each term.



business markets


business culture


internal factors



problem recognition

buying center

economic factors

personal selling

derived demand

product specifications


performance review

2 .
Explain the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and why it is important as US businesses compete in the international marketplace.
3 .
Tesla is building a 10 million square-foot “Gigafactory” in Nevada. While Tesla didn’t rely on systems selling in building the manufacturing facility, the company did contract with many suppliers, such as Anning-Johnson, to provide vital elements such as decking. For Tesla, this was a new task situation. List the various phases Tesla went through to arrive at the construction and operation of this lithium-ion battery Gigafactory.
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