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Principles of Marketing

What Do Marketers Do?

Principles of MarketingWhat Do Marketers Do?

Have you ever wondered where analysts gather consumer behavior data and how they make sense of it? One way to find out is to ask someone who currently does this job. Using LinkedIn, conduct a search for data analysts in your geographic area and invite one or more to connect with you through the LinkedIn platform. Once connected, send a message to each one telling them who you are and that you’re a marketing student. Request a 15-minute phone conversation with them to ask them about their job. Come prepared to the phone conversation with a list of questions you want to ask. Be prepared to go off script and ask questions that come to mind on the spot. You can learn a lot about various marketing careers, and you can make great contacts by simply asking the right questions! What questions do you want to ask? You might consider some of the following:

  • How did you get started in this area of marketing?
  • Where do you collect data from, and how do you complete an analysis?
  • What happens after you conduct an analysis?
  • Do you help make marketing decisions based on your analysis?
  • What areas of the company does your analysis impact?
  • What specific courses did you take to prepare you for this job/career?
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