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Principles of Marketing

Critical Thinking Exercises

Principles of MarketingCritical Thinking Exercises

1 .
According to PR Newswire, more than 40 percent of the overall revenue from the multimodal distribution market is due to roadway logistics. Give three reasons why retailers and wholesalers depend largely on roads—rather than rail, air, or water—to send and receive products. Why do roads create the greatest transportation-based revenue for businesses and lowest costs for consumers?
2 .
Thanks to retailers and wholesalers and their strategies, products may be distributed in various ways. What are two examples of consumer products that are sold by retailers, and what is the corresponding distribution strategy?
3 .
Most firms today take advantage of multimodal transportation, especially those that source and distribute products internationally. List three reasons why multimodal transportation makes sense financially for a retailer like Amazon that operates in a time-sensitive marketplace.
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