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adaptive selling
an approach to personal selling in which selling behaviors are altered during the sales interaction or across customer interactions, based on information about the nature of the selling situation
AIDA model
the model consumers go through when becoming interested in a product. First the product must grab their attention, then they gain interest, they have a desire for the product, and they act to acquire the product
ambiguous terms and conditions
when a contract is unclear and misleading
the stage of the sales process where the salesperson makes the initial approach to introduce the product to the customer
the compensation paid to salespeople based on a fixed formula related to the salesperson’s activity or performance
consultative selling
focuses on the expertise of a salesperson with problem solving
a marketing or consumer sales promotion technique that involves collection, matching, or use of skill to complete a project or activity with the goal of a prize or reward for the player
cooperative advertising
an approach to paying for local advertising or retail advertising whereby the details are handled by a local retail store but is partly or fully paid for by a national manufacturer whose product is featured in the ad
a printed certificate entitling the bearer to a stated price reduction or special value on a specific product
credit terms
credit terms of the agreement between the buyer and seller with length of time and payments to be made
customer relationship management
the process sales personnel undertake to work with the customer to build the relationship and move into the role of a trusted advisor
formula selling
an approach in which the sales presentation is designed to move the customer through the stages in the decision-making process, such as get the customer’s attention, develop interest, build desire, and secure action
hidden fees
also called undisclosed fees and are fees that are not made known to the buyer
inside order taker
a salesclerk or order clerk that is employed for a company that address questions and complete the final sale
illegal payment for preferential or improper service
lead response time
the activity of evaluating factors through data analytics, demographics, buyer behavior, competitor analysis, and economics
loyalty programs
a form of promotion focused on repeat purchases and frequently attached to a sales receipt, punch card, or stamp card
missionary salespeople
individuals who have the power to influence the customer to purchase a product or service
need/satisfaction format
a type of customized sales presentation in which the salesperson first identifies the prospective customer’s needs and then tries to offer a solution that satisfies those needs
opportunity win rate
the number of sales closed divided by the total number of opportunities created; calculates another opportunity to track sales
order getters
highly trained salespeople who know their products, services involved, and competition across the street
order takers
sales personnel that are responsible for taking orders from customers by identifying the customer and finding the right product fit
outside order takers
salespeople out in the trenches, visiting customers and delivering inventory to retailers and wholesalers
personal selling
communication between a buyer and seller. The primary responsibility is to build a relationship with the buyer.
point-of-purchase displays
displays that allow manufacturers to showcase their products in a way that stands out from all the other products in the store
pre-approach stage
the stage of the sales process where the salesperson will work to understand the needs of the customer and begin working with them to become a customer
a promotional tool that is often defined in three forms: merchandise offered at a lower price or free; an item of value, other than the product; souvenir merchandise
the stage of the sales process where the salesperson showcases the features about a product that will be of most benefit to the prospect based on the needs uncovered during the pre-approach and approach stages
a potential qualified customer who has the willingness, financial capacity, authority, and eligibility to buy the salesperson’s offering
the process the salesperson undertakes to make sure the sales lead is a good fit for the product they are selling
quantitative assessments
numbers driven and based on inputs and outputs of the sales cycle
a form of promotion that rewards consumers for sending information to the company
relationship selling
a method of personal selling used to better understand the needs and wants of the buyer
sales force automation
a software tool that helps organizations acquire customers
sales leads
a database of potential customers that sales professionals work to create and develop through lead generation
sales promotion
a short-term way of enticing the consumer to purchase a product or service
providing consumers with a free sample of a product is a form of promotion
selling process
includes all of the steps the salesperson will implement as they work with the buyer to become a customer
support personnel
fulfill the responsibilities that assist the sales team in supporting the customer and completing the sale
a marketing or consumer sales promotion that involves the offering of prizes to participants, where winners are selected by chance and no consideration is required
team selling
the practice of involving a group of people familiar with the viewpoints and concerns of a customer’s key decision makers to sell and service a major account
technical specialist
a salesperson who has extensive product knowledge and uses this knowledge as the focal aspect of the sales presentation
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