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Principles of Marketing

Closing Company Case

Principles of MarketingClosing Company Case

Adventist Health Castle

Adventist Health Castle in Kailua, Hawaii, is an award-winning hospital focused on serving the mind, body, and spirit of its patients. The 300 physicians provide services to the entire island of Oahu, following the mission to “care for the community and share God’s love.”52

Adventist Health Castle offers programs in wellness and lifestyle, cutting-edge weight-loss procedures, and advanced imaging techniques. All programs come with a patient-focused approach with compassion and dedication from its health team. The mission statement of “transforming the health experience of our community by improving health, enhancing interactions and making care more accessible” is accomplished through “integrity, compassion, respect, and excellence.”53 In 2017, it won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, an award that recognizes the excellent patient care the staff provides to the community.

Adventist Health Castle is proud of its Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine center because of the variety of health education and lifestyle resources it provides for the community. It offers classes, events, and services to the public for a small fee or often for free. Check out more here about the medical services it offers.

Health systems are a product of the community they serve, and Adventist Health Castle is no exception. To help with its cause, it developed a community needs assessment to understand the concerns and needs of the populations within its service area. From that work, it has developed numerous programs and events, including diabetes care classes and improved access to health services. It also added ENT, cardiology, and dental services to its Rural Health Clinic in Laie. With this addition of the new Rural Health Clinic, Adventist’s system served 2,432 unique patients in its first year.54

With its work, Adventist Health Castle expanded access to classes to include a center in Kaneohe. Multiple locations allow the health system to extend its reach to the community with more classes and events. And it’s working! Through a postcard mailing, Adventist received a positive response to class enrollment.

Another initiative created around better access to care included having physician practices add more office hours to include evenings and weekends. Through this effort, Adventist has been able to engage with more patients and coordinate care better for the populations it serves.

With this work, the community has seen many positive outcomes including increased overall health due to the greater availability of healthy center resources. Serving a community means adapting to the needs of the community and meeting the populations where they are most vulnerable.

Case Questions

1 .
Adventist Health Castle is a health system operating to serve the population of Oahu. How would you classify its services?
2 .
When community members choose to take a class on diabetes management, they are learning about diabetes from a clinical nurse instructor. The instructor informs the participants of the health risks associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices. Different clinical nurse instructors teach the classes each time. Depending on who teaches the course, the participants may learn the risks of a sedentary lifestyle. This is an example of which service characteristic?
3 .
Adventist Health Castle realized that access to health services was an important need in its community. To provide for that need, it developed a multidisciplinary clinic to serve rural communities. It immediately started seeing and treating patients. How does this fit into the service-profit chain?
4 .
When Adventist Health Castle added more hours to physician practices, what dimension of service quality was it addressing be
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