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Principles of Management

Managerial Decision Exercises

Principles of ManagementManagerial Decision Exercises

  1. Select three different businesses from different industries, such as a hospitality business (hotel, restaurant, fitness center), a manufacturing company, and a not-for-profit business. Perform a SWOT analysis for each business.

  2. Perform a quick PESTEL analysis of the companies listed below. What is the largest risk for each of the companies? Assume that you had $100,000 to invest in one of more of these companies. Explain how you would allocate your investment and why you chose this particular allocation.

    1. Uber
    2. Tesla
    3. General Motors
  3. Technology has the ability to disrupt industries. You are involved in an industry that is undergoing change and disruption by taking this class. The traditional textbook industry is being disrupted by the availability of digital textbooks, and free textbooks such as this one are further impacting traditional textbook publishers. Place the following statements into Porter’s Five Forces model.

    1. Students have access to the material at a greatly reduced cost.
    2. Authorship is funded through philanthropic donations rather than royalties paid from textbook sales revenue.
    3. More students have access to the Internet than ever before.
    4. Companies, governments, and students invest large sums of money in their education.
    5. Traditional public educational institutions are adapting their delivery models for online learning.
    6. Private companies such as Apollo (University of Phoenix) are offering lower-cost education options.
    7. Bookstores now offer traditional textbooks as well as used and rental options.
    8. Government legislation is urging faculty to consider lower-cost options.
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