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Principles of Management

Chapter Review Questions

Principles of ManagementChapter Review Questions

  1. What are the differences between classic, multipreneurs, and intrapreneurs?
  2. What differentiates an entrepreneur from a small-business owner?
  3. What are some major factors that motivate entrepreneurs to start businesses?
  4. How can potential business owners find new business ideas?
  5. Why is it important to develop a business plan? What should such a plan include?
  6. What financing options do small-business owners have? What risks do they face?
  7. How do the small-business owner’s and entrepreneur’s roles change over time?
  8. What are the benefits to small firms of doing business internationally, and what steps can small businesses take to explore their options?
  9. Describe the financial and management assistance programs offered by the SBA.
  10. What significant trends are occurring in the small-business arena?
  11. How is entrepreneurial diversity impacting small business and the economy?
  12. How do ethics impact decision-making with small-business owners?
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