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Principles of Management

Chapter Review Questions

Principles of ManagementChapter Review Questions

  1. Define managerial planning and controlling.
  2. Discuss the relationship between the two managerial functions of planning and controlling.
  3. Identify and briefly describe each stage in the planning and controlling processes.
  4. There are five types of plans discussed in this chapter, compare and contrast three of these.
  5. What are multiple goals? What is a goal hierarchy? How are these concepts related?
  6. Briefly describe the two views of the goal formulation process, and explain how they differ.
  7. Describe the MBO process, the philosophy behind it, and its relationship with performance.
  8. Distinguish between cybernetic and noncybernetic control and between pre, concurrent, and postaction control systems.
  9. Identify and discuss three positive and three negative effects often associated with control systems.
  10. How does the desire for personal control affect managers, and how can they balance it with organizational control systems?
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