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Principles of Management

Chapter Review Questions

Principles of ManagementChapter Review Questions

  1. Define leadership and distinguish between leadership and management.
  2. Discuss the processes associated with people coming to positions of leadership.
  3. Discuss the different forms of power available to leaders and the effects associated with each.
  4. It has been observed that effective leaders have the “right stuff.” What traits are commonly associated with leader emergence and effective leaders?
  5. Both the Ohio State University and University of Michigan leadership studies identified central leader behaviors. What are these behaviors, and how are they different from one another?
  6. Blake and Mouton’s work with the Leadership Grid® identified several leadership types. What are they, and how does this leadership model look from the perspective of situation theories of leadership?
  7. Identify and describe the three situational variables presented in Fiedler’s contingency theory of leadership.
  8. What are the four leadership behaviors in the path-goal theory of leadership?
  9. Discuss the differences between the internal and external leadership roles surrounding self-managed work teams.
  10. What are substitutes for leadership? What are neutralizers? Give an example of each.
  11. What are the distinguishing features of the transformational and the charismatic leader?
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