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TP 1.

LO 15.1While sole proprietorships and corporations are the most popular forms of business organization, the limited liability company (LLC) is a close third. Limited liability companies are treated like partnerships in the majority of situations. Why do you think LLCs are gaining in popularity?

TP 2.

LO 15.5A partnership is thriving. The three partners get along well; they complement each other’s skill sets and enjoy each other’s company. One of the partners, Melinda, begins to behave differently. She begins coming to work late or not at all. On several occasions she is spotted leaving the hotel next door in the afternoon. The other partners are concerned about the change in her behavior. They confront her and Melinda denies that anything is different. She points out that her work is still getting done and that she wants a little more flexibility in her hours. The other partners are not convinced and decide to terminate the partnership agreement. Can the other partners break the agreement? What considerations must the partners take into account?

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