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1 .
Rickey’s Retail has the following financial information for the most recent accounting period. Prepare an income statement.

Income statement for Rickey's Retail business. Gross sales are $864,740. Sales Returns and allowances are $47,399. The cost of goods sold is $483,237. Rent expense is $86,705. Interest expense is $1,156. Income Tax Expense is $16,185. Depreciation expense is $5,780. Salaries expense is $98,266. Utility Expense is $28,902.

2 .
Big Box has the following accounts. In which section of its classified balance sheet does each belong?
  • Cash
  • Wages payable
  • Taxes payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Retained earnings
  • Common stock
  • Land
  • Note payable due in 10 years
  • Prepaid insurance
3 .
Big Box Outlet has $10,350 of supplies expense on its income statement. Does this mean that there must also be a supplies payable account balance of $10,350 on its balance sheet? Why or why not?
4 .
What are the three key types of dividends a firm might distribute to their shareholders? Describe each.
5 .
Big Box Outlet had an increase in its accounts payable account this period and a decrease in its accounts receivable, took out a long-term note payable, paid dividends to its shareholders, had depreciation on its equipment, bought new equipment, increased its inventory account, and repaid a bond. In which section of the statement of cash flows would each of these items appear?
6 .
Kokoya’s Firm calculates its free cash flow at only $2,000, which the company feels is quite low based on its historical performance and compared to others in its industry. What actions might Kokoya’s Firm take to improve its overall cash flow?
7 .
Complete the common-size income statement for Big Box Outlet using the information below:

Common-size Income Statement of Big Box Outlet. Gross sales are $1,089,836. Sales returns and allowances are $59,737. Net sales are $1,030,099. Cost of goods sold is $609,026. Gross profit is $421,073. Rent expense is $109,275. Depreciation expense is $7,285. Salaries expense is $123,845. Utility expense is $36,425. Operating income is $144,243. Interest expense is $1,457. Income tax expense is $20,398. Net income is $122,388.

8 .
List at least eight items commonly found in a firm’s annual report filed with the SEC.
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