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Principles of Finance

Video Activity

Principles of FinanceVideo Activity

Why Climate Change Means New Risk for US Financial Markets

1 .
Cite some examples that the video used to demonstrate the effect of climate change on the value of property and businesses. Now, identify examples of environmental disasters that you are personally familiar with. How have businesses in your community adapted in response to climate change?
2 .
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “The young people of today are the investors of tomorrow, and they will prioritize environmental impact in their investment choices.” How do you think your investing future will be altered by climate change? Do you agree that environmental changes are a legitimate and measurable investment risk?

Markets and Participants

Robinhood is a mobile trading platform for stocks, bonds, and options. The company has transformed the security trading industry by introducing commission-free trades and simplifying the trading process with its intuitive mobile app. However, as this Wall Street Journal video about Robinhood explains, the company and its products are not without controversy.

3 .
Have you ever traded financial securities? If so, which trading platform(s) have you used? If you have traded using another platform, how does your trading experience compare to that described in the video? If you have not traded securities, discuss how the Robinhood app affects your willingness to try trading.
4 .
At the end of the video, one interviewee viewed Robinhood as a gateway trading platform, but not a platform for serious traders. The other saw Robinhood as a means to level the playing field for all interested investors. What are your thoughts on the Robinhood trading app? Do you agree that option trading should be more restricted than the video implies?
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