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Principles of Economics 2e

Key Terms

Principles of Economics 2eKey Terms

affirmative action
active efforts by government or businesses that give special rights to minorities in hiring, promotion, or access to education to make up for past discrimination
bilateral monopoly
a labor market with a monopsony on the demand side and a union on the supply side
collective bargaining
negotiations between unions and a firm or firms
actions based on the belief that members of a certain group or groups are in some way inferior solely because of a factor such as race, gender, or religion
first rule of labor markets
an employer will never pay a worker more than the value of the worker's marginal productivity to the firm
a labor market where there is only one employer
perfectly competitive labor market
a labor market where neither suppliers of labor nor demanders of labor have any market power; thus, an employer can hire all the workers they would like at the going market wage
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