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This chapter provides an overview of the benefits of college or how college can shape you into an educated person. Next, the chapter introduces strategies for creating your unique story from your academic and personal journeys, which will help you craft the narratives needed for college applications. The chapter also describes different types of institutions for the purpose of helping you determine what kinds of colleges and universities are the right “fit” for your needs. The chapter ends with the steps to applying to college and making an informed decision.

Now that you have read and reflected on the main ideas of the chapter, consider developing a plan to help you prepare for applying to college. Review the list below and commit to working on one or more of the concepts this term and beyond.

  • Research the types of institutions that you may want to attend. List the characteristics of each that you are considering and ask yourself what the benefits and drawbacks are for each.
  • Begin to craft your personal story by making a list of your unique characteristics and experiences. Use these details to write essays about how you are and what you want to become.
  • Create a net-price spreadsheet of the colleges you want to attend. Use their Tuition and Fees Calculator and their Net Price Calculators to determine the estimates of what you may be paying to attend.
  • Organize your application process by creating folders and keeping track of your correspondence with the institutions.
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