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C | Geometric Formulas

PrealgebraC | Geometric Formulas

Name Shape Formulas
Rectangle No Alt Text Perimeter:P=2l+2wArea:A=lwPerimeter:P=2l+2wArea:A=lw
Square No Alt Text Perimeter:P=4sArea:A=s2Perimeter:P=4sArea:A=s2
Triangle No Alt Text Perimeter:P=a+b+cArea:A=12bhSum of Angles:A+B+C=180°Perimeter:P=a+b+cArea:A=12bhSum of Angles:A+B+C=180°
Right Triangle No Alt Text Pythagorean Theorem:a2+b2=c2Area:A=12abPythagorean Theorem:a2+b2=c2Area:A=12ab
Circle No Alt Text C=2πrCircumference:orC=πdArea:A=πr2C=2πrCircumference:orC=πdArea:A=πr2
Parellelogram No Alt Text Perimeter:P=2a+2bArea:A=bhPerimeter:P=2a+2bArea:A=bh
Trapezoid No Alt Text Perimeter:P=a+b+c+BArea:A=12(B+b)hPerimeter:P=a+b+c+BArea:A=12(B+b)h
Table C1 2 Dimensions
Name Shape Formulas
Rectangular Solid No Alt Text Volume:V=lwhSurface Area:SA=2lw+2wh+2hlVolume:V=lwhSurface Area:SA=2lw+2wh+2hl
Cube No Alt Text Volume:V=s3Surface Area:SA=6s2Volume:V=s3Surface Area:SA=6s2
Cone No Alt Text Volume:V=13πr2hSurface Area:SA=πr2+πrh2+r2Volume:V=13πr2hSurface Area:SA=πr2+πrh2+r2
Sphere No Alt Text Volume:V=43πr3Surface Area:SA=4πr2Volume:V=43πr3Surface Area:SA=4πr2
Right Circular Cylinder No Alt Text Volume:V=πr2hSurface Area:SA=2πr2+2πrhVolume:V=πr2hSurface Area:SA=2πr2+2πrh
Table C2 3 Dimensions
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